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These are some stuff I am interested in and I like to share it with others...


BsIDE is a very simple and easy to use form builder/generator and based on bootstrap grid system (but no bootstrap dependency) . Using the form builder is made simple with drag and drop and one click and it works in all major browsers. More than 20 different components including textbox,email , number , checkbox , hbox, radiobox, textarea, slider, image, upload and ... two different output type : JSON and HTML.the JSON output can be stored in a database and reconstruct the form easily by calling only one method or you can use HTML output directly and there is no dependency (all you have to do is to link one CSS file). Bootstrap grid system support,WYSIWYG editor,color picker and font-awesome icon picker. Simple and easy to understand code to customize.

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Malware and Security section

This section devoted to some Malware analysis especially static analysis, some assembly language hints, Cracking stuff and security issues. Also I'll upload all the code in assembly and python that I have written so far.

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Data Mining section

This section is all about data mining and machine learning algorithm...

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Miscellaneous section

All the stuff that are not fit in the above sections are here...You will find various topics about computer, programming and other things here.

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