MSVBVM60.DLL export list

Recently, I solved a crackme challenge that had been written in visual basic 6.0 and used MSVBVM60.DLL. I searched through the internet to find a good resource on the export list of this dll and suprisingly I found nothing!!! So I decided to create a list of export function and a little description about them. The list is not complete and I will complete it eventually. I am going to write some tutorial on how to crack Visual basic applications and in those tutorials, we are going to use some of these functions.

Here are some of the functions in MSVBVM60.DLL:

rtcRandomNext get random fp values
vbaR8IntI2 convert real 8-bytes to integer 2-bytes
vbaLenVar get length of a variable
vbaI4Var convert variable to 4-bytes integer
rtcMidCharVar extract one character from specified position
rtcAnsiValueBstr get ansi value of the specified input
vbaStrI2 convert the input to 2-bytes integer
rtcR8ValFromBstr convert unicode decimal number string
vbaFpI4 convert floating point to 4-bytes integer
vbaVarInt cast to int
vbaVarTstEq compare two string objects
vbaR8Str convert string to 8-bytes real value